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Our clients include general contractors, developers and architects and engineers. Our attorneys from litigation, real estate, business and finance, environmental, employment, government relations and other areas of the law work together in the Construction Practice to assist clients with projects ranging from resorts, office, multi-family, retail, and energy projects to casinos, and sports stadiums as well as bridges, roads and toll roads, dams and highways.

  • Construction Defects and Disputes

    Our attorneys are experienced in mediation, arbitration and litigation of construction-related disputes as well as mass actions, class actions and construction-related appeals. This includes construction defects, liens, delays, and contested work as well as handling claims relating to planning, design, engineering, original trade work and subsequent repairs. In addition to defending claims brought against general contractors and developers, our attorneys have significant experience prosecuting reimbursement claims against subcontractors, vendors, and other responsible third parties. In conjunction with our experience in defending defect claims and prosecuting reimbursement claims, we frequently pursue insurance carriers on coverage claims arising from alleged faulty workmanship. Finally, we often are involved in legal work that accompanies construction defect litigation, such as property evaluations, contract issues and public report matters. Litigation encompasses federal and state actions throughout the Mountain West, as well as administrative proceedings before state registrars or state contractor boards and other state agencies.

  • Construction Transactions

    Our construction law attorneys provide comprehensive document review and revisions, with adjustments necessary to implement the client's desires and requirements timely completion, compliance with contract documents, lien and stop notice prevention/mitigation, payment procedures, lender requirements, statutory payment limitations, privilege taxation, insurance and indemnification, allocation of uninsured risks, and dispute resolution mechanisms. Counsel to clients also includes assistance with strategic planning, selecting appropriate project delivery systems, contract negotiation and regulatory compliance, permitting, bid processes, and employment issues related to construction. We routinely provide seminars and training on effective construction administration as well as on recent law changes impacting construction projects, such as those relating to liens and stop notices, prompt payment obligations, environmental matters, and construction related employment requirements.

  • Government Procurement Claims

    Our attorneys litigate bid protests before the Comptroller General of the General Accounting Office and state agencies. We also represent general contractors against city, county, state and federal governments. In addition, we prosecute claims against federal agencies before the various Boards of Contract Appeals and the Claims Court.

  • Infrastructure Projects

    We represent numerous prime contractors working on civil projects throughout the Mountain West. Construction law services include providing counsel to clients concerning procurement issues, bid protests, joint venture agreements, public/private partnerships, contracts, financing transactions, employment and litigation of all types relating to civil projects, including bridges, dams, roads, highways, toll roads and other large projects.

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