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One vehicle for continued innovation is handling litigation matters on a contingency fee. In plain English, we’ll have “skin in the game,” and while you are investing in us, we’ll be investing in you. As opposed to the standard hourly billing that lawyers are known for, with contingent fee arrangements, we share the outcome risk. This entrepreneurial arrangement creates great synergy and our arrangements remain completely confidential.

Commercial Contingency Litigation (CCL)

Traditional hourly billing may, in some instances, result in budgetary constraints that impair a client’s ability to aggressively pursue what would otherwise be a meritorious commercial claim or cause for business litigation. For example, a business may be pursuing a cause of action for breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, misrepresentation, usurping a corporate opportunity, shareholder or partnership disputes, securities fraud, collection of judgments, among others. When faced with the significant expense litigation often imposes, particularly in complex commercial cases, some businesses are forced to settle for unfair, nominal amounts or abandon their claims altogether.

Recognizing this, we offer the flexibility of contingency fee arrangements in a business litigation setting. When specified criteria have been met, qualified clients may opt for contingency fee representation or a hybrid option in which a contingency fee is combined with a lower hourly rate. The fees for the risk of recovery in the litigation are borne by us. While the client may have to be responsible for or advance costs or experts fees during the litigation, we absorb the risk of recovery of the fees. If there is no recovery, then we are not owed any attorney’s fees by the client.

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