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Helping Agribusiness Thrive

Our experienced agricultural attorneys provide a broad range of assistance to clients, both domestically and internationally, in many areas of agricultural law, including negotiating and drafting distributor/grower, consignment, sales, export and related agreements, representing clients with regard to agribusiness financing arrangements, including those in conjunction with security interests, and the registration of trademarks and other labeling and marketing issues.

We provide representation in litigation matters, such as distributor/grower disputes, collections and administrative actions under the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act. Our agricultural attorneys have experience in dealing with international tax issues arising out of cross-border agricultural transactions, including obtaining advance pricing agreements from taxing authorities. With a wealth of experience in Western water rights, including fluency with water laws and regulations in Arizona, California, Nevada, and Mexico, we help clients obtain and protect the water supplies they need for their agribusinesses to succeed. We work with counsel in foreign countries, including Mexico and Canada, as necessary to assist our clients in agribusiness with international implications. Our Arizona offices in Nogales, Tucson and Phoenix foster the ability to serve your domestic and international agricultural business.